Orchard Home Care Services Ltd carry out Multi Agency Working thereby any information we receive will be forwarded to the appropriate government body.

If you have concerns or suspect a person is being harmed or abused, you must report what you know in one of the following ways:


  • Call 999 and seek police or urgent medical help if you need to.  Remember to inform them that a
    ‘vulnerable adult is involved’
  • Call Social Care Direct on 0845 850 5010 – this is the contact point for all safeguarding referrals.
    A Social Care Direct officer will listen carefully to what you say, give advice and take a safeguarding
    referral if necessary, even if the caller wishes to remain anonymous.  The Social Care Direct office
    will take prompt action if the adult is in immediate danger.

    The Safeguarding Adults contact number is 0191 383 5165.