Access to your home

If your care worker arrives and is unable to gain entry to your property the following
will take place:
  • Care worker will notify the coordinator.
  • Coordinator will telephone Service User.
  • If no answer the next of kin will be contacted.
  • If no answer to this Care Line will be contacted (if possible).
  • If no answer the Social Worker will be notified.


If we have carried out the above & the whereabouts of the Service User has not been clarified, the Police will be contacted.


Key Safe

In circumstances where the Service User is unable to lock/unlock the access doors for themselves it is recommended that a Key Safe is installed.  A Key Safe is a small secure box fitted to the outside of the  home that holds 2-3 keys.  It is opened by a code (which is kept logged on the system in our office) which is used to retrieve the keys & gain access to the home.