Procedures for handling cash on behalf of clients

1) Home care workers names should not be shown on any bank or building society passbook or any
other document giving the home care worker authority to undertake full financial transactions on
behalf of the client.

2) Home care workers must not accept gifts or money from clients, borrow money from clients or
lend to any clients.

3) Home care workers must not under any circumstances take money or property of the clients into
their property for safe keeping, as the home care worker would then be responsible for any loss.
Orchard Home Care Services Ltd will not take any responsibility for loss or damage in these

4) If large amounts of cash are found in a client’s home, the home care worker must report this to
the office immediately.

5) If cash is mislaid or misunderstanding arises between the client and the home care worker regarding
the handling of cash, the home care worker must notify the the office immediately with full details.
Visits will be made to the client to attempt to resolve the matter.

6) If the home care worker is requested to be responsible for the collection of shopping or budgeting,
the home care worker will document every money transaction made between themselves on the
‘Financial Transaction Sheet’ which is situated near the back of the client file. All transactions on these
sheets will be checked when they are returned to the office.

Any home care worker requested to provide shopping duties will be instructed to keep all receipts
for any goods purchased and then hand these to the client.